Signs You May Have a Rodent Problem

Signs You May Have a Rodent Problem

Uninvited guests are rarely a pleasant occurrence. In the case of mice and rats making themselves at home on your property, the annoyance is particularly heightened. For some, this problem is ongoing with rat infestations having already been addressed. But if you want to be sure that you have completely eradicated your rodent problem, there are a few signs to be aware of. Compiled by our experts at EnviroMaxx Pest Control in Henderson, Nevada, below are four indicators of an infestation. Continue reading to learn more and if you identify a problem, call our team for help!

rodent creating a hole


Often found near food storage sites such as cupboards, droplets are one of the most glaring signs of a rodent problem. Sinks and hidden areas are other locations where pests nest, so scat can also be found in these areas too. You can identify whether droppings are fresh or old, based on color and texture. Newer rodent scat is darker and moist, as opposed to gray and dry older droppings.

rat crawling

Foul Odors

Rodent urine creates a scent that cats and dogs may be attracted to. The excitement created by a small visitor can cause a pet to paw and scratch at the odorous area where the rodents are nesting. A large infestation can generate a stale ammonia stench in your home, whereas dead rodents can emanate a sharper, more sour smell.

rat eating

Scratching Noises

Hearing muffled bumps, scratches, and squeaking coming from beneath the floor or behind walls is a tell-tale sign of rodents. Having a cat can help you identify where these rats or mice are hiding because they may direct you towards where the activity is taking place.

rat eating a cracker

Gnaw Marks

From food packaging to walls around your home, rats and mice make their presence known by chewing up your property. If you come across gnaw marks, you will want to know how recently they occurred. To do this, think of them as the inverse of droppings. newer gnawing is lighter and darkens as time passes. Closely inspecting the gnaw marks will also help you identify whether you should call rat control or mice control—rats have bigger teeth, thus they leave behind larger marks than mice.

We know it's hard to even face the idea of rodents in your home, but if you see one or more of these signs, you might want to contact EnviroMaxx Pest Control in Henderson, Nevada. Our pest services will help you eradicate rats and mice so you can live comfortably in your Nevada home, knowing that no uninvited rodents are coming over. Contact us today to schedule a service and get started!

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