Bees & Wasps

In Henderson, bees and wasps can be a nuisance and even a potential safety hazard for those with allergies to the venom these bugs inject during a sting. From safely removing bees so as not to hurt the pollinator population to exterminating wasps and harmful insects, EnviroMAXX Pest Control is here to help get rid of bugs around your home!

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Spotting a Bee Colony on Your Property

While bees are not always the most pleasant of guests to encounter on your property, they’re not inherently harmful and will most often leave you alone if you give them space. However, many bee varieties can be dangerous to those with allergies and it’s generally better for them to thrive in tended hives or in spots where they won’t be bothered. Call EnviroMAXX Pest Control for honeybee relocation today!

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Exterminating Wasps

While many bees will leave you alone, wasps are a completely different species and tend to be more aggressive toward those they see as a threat. Because wasps tend to make themselves nuisances to the humans who are in the same area as they are, keeping yourself and your family safe means exterminating these flying menaces. Call EnviroMAXX Pest Control to set up an evaluation today!

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Wasp and Bee Removal in Henderson

Wasps and bees can make their homes in many different places around Henderson, and wherever there are plants, there are bound to be pollinators. If you notice that your property or your home has an infestation of wasps or a growing colony of bees, don’t hesitate! Our team of qualified, experienced, and dedicated professionals is here to help! We’ll get you set up for an evaluation to find the source of your infestation, provide you with a proposal for treatment, and we’ll even come back once the job is done to ensure everything was taken care of!

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