Do You Have These Summer Pests?

Don't let pests ruin your summer!

Enjoy your pest-free summer!

Do You Have These Summer Pests?

Speak to our pest control specialists, and we'll make sure your house is pest-free. We are a family-owned and managed business and are happy to provide service to the greater Las Vegas region. It's the season for insects! Let’s learn about the kind of pests that you might encounter in the summer months.

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Mosquito on someone’s leg


Living in a desert climate like Las Vegas has its own set of challenges, one of which being scorpion infestation and the need for scorpion management. If you see one scorpion, you may assume the whole house is crawling with scorpions, since each mother scorpion can bear up to 100 young scorpions.

Many ants up close


Cockroaches are disgusting and resilient pests that are very common in the Las Vegas area. If you see one, you may expect others that you haven't seen. Since pests need to be professionally exterminated to ensure proper results, these kinds of bugs should be treated by a professional exterminator. EnviroMAXX will remove your roach problem for you. Contact us today!

Colorful grasshopper on a leaf


Vegas is thought of as a pleasant and glamorous destination by those who come to visit. Nevertheless, it does seem that many pests are also attracted to Las Vegas. In the surrounding neighborhood, as well as on the Las Vegas strip, rats are very prevalent. Rats may readily transmit illnesses and create an unclean atmosphere in general. The best way to treat rats is to handle them as little as possible. EnviroMAXX gets rid of rats and other pests from your home.

A fly on a plant


The most prevalent kind of bee in Las Vegas is Africanized honey bees. Honey bees from Africa have established a population in the Nevada desert, and when attacked or agitated, can create problems in your house in huge numbers. Bees are pests and can be very dangerous around children. Rid your home and yard of bees today!

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These summer pests — which you may have seen around your property — are pests that EnviroMAXX can help with. Before we initiate a complete pest control treatment plan, our experts do a thorough examination so that they can ensure the treatment plan is up to snuff. See how EnviroMAXX can help you!

Enjoy your pest-free summer!