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4 Benefits of Choosing Eco-Friendly Pest Control

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You may think eco-friendly pest control solutions would compromise effectiveness, but this is not always the case. Using environmentally friendly pest control solutions can involve several aspects, including using natural, sustainable products, using no-kill methods, and containing ingredients that aren’t harmful to the environment. In more recent years, it’s becoming more evident that it is essential for us to choose eco-friendly solutions when possible. Using these solutions will often benefit the users more than they realize.

 Image of a pest control professional applying an environmentally friendly solution.

Cleaning and Sanitizing With Eco-Friendly Solutions Can Eliminate Pests

In many cases, using soap and sanitization solutions can eliminate pests. Soapy water can eliminate the scent tracks ants use to find food sources. This can reroute them away from your home. Similarly, washing materials with hot water and using isopropyl alcohol on surfaces can get rid of bed bugs. These solutions will clean and sanitize your home rather than fill it with toxic chemicals.

Image of a possum trapped in a cage.

Relocation Prevents Killing Pests

When dealing with rodents, an eco-friendly solution is to use non-kill traps and relocate the animals. This eliminates the need for toxic poisons that could potentially harm your family and allows the animals to find a living space in their natural habitat.

Image of a cat and dog cuddling.

Safe For Pets

Using natural and non-toxic pest solutions leaves a safer home for pets. No one wants to worry about a pet finding a toxic chemical poison meant for a pest. Eco-friendly pest control solutions allow for safe pest removal without making a home uninhabitable for all animals.

 Image of a couple on a couch in a pest-free home.

Safe For Humans

Most importantly, using eco-friendly solutions leaves a safe environment for your family. No home or business wants to evacuate for an extended period to wait for their building to become inhabitable. Eco-friendly extermination companies put your family’s safety first.

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Choosing to use an eco-friendly pest control company will benefit the environment and those plagued with pests. The company must be well trained and highly educated in their industry to ensure safety and proper execution. EnviroMAXX has the training and experience to eliminate your pest problem while keeping the environment safe. Contact us today to learn more about our eco-friendly pest control solutions.

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